Det gemte håndtryk

This project is about our first encounter with new people.

This project is about the first meeting between to people, and the tribute to the beauty of that moment, because whomever it is you are standing in front of or whatever direction the relation may take, if it is a person you are only meeting this one time or if it is going to be a relation, you share a brief moment, and what are you going to do with this afterwards. 
This is what this object is, a materialization of the common third, it creates a dialogue of relations. How do we greet each other, and what do we take with us from that short moment when we are interacting with new person.
In all cases the brief moment of interaction is about more than just the gesture, it is about showing trust, interest and care for other people. Our trust is a value that we cherish in Denmark and are known for, but nonetheless it is a value that unfortunately is being diminished and replaced by fear as the majority is growing more and more right winged and afraid of the new and unknown.
This project emanated of reflections on what is Danish. I focused on the little details that makes us Danish. This led me to how we greet one another, in Denmark the most common way is a handshake, in other parts of Europe it is not so, in the southern parts people tend to be more physical such as kissing.
However hugs and kisses as ways of greeting are alså taking its toll in Denmark, especially among the young people.
I chose to focus only on what happened when we greet strangers, people we have not met before.
We tend to greet each other differently depending on which part of Denmark we are from.
To some people anything but a handshake can be moving in to the private sphere.
Materializations of a handshake.
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