An earpiece which is inspired by the growth of a fungus

This project is inspired by the growth of a natural fungus. 
Which is a subterranean network of microorganisms. 
All that is visible to the surface is just a magnificent flower.
It is the outcome of a Design Methods project I did on the 2. semester, where I focused on various surfaces and tactility, this let me to the subterranean web a fungus consist of.
The Process
Using the method Photo Safari was a given kickoff to the project. The photo above was the photo which i used as main inspiration. And the web that the steps of this ladder consists of was an inspiring material, and an entanglement that I tried to reproduce and searched for in various materials.
The PU foam inspired me to dig into the world of fungi. How they grow, how they multiply. 

Aesthetically I used the body as the environment in which the fungus would grow, and then the ear became one of the places where the fungus would blossom. 
Especially the concept fairy rings caught my attention, I wanted to use the circular element in my product. 
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